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Get Involved Helping Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Volunteers include persons who have taken RIM's Spiritual Care Giver Training and who represent a broad spectrum of professional background: finance, social work, clergy and legal professions.

RIM is looking for volunteers to help in the following areas:

Publicity - Help get RIM's name out there.

Events - Our events are increasing - we are looking for new members to assist with the planning of our annual international dinner in the fall/winter, and our annual international concert in the spring. We meet once a month in the RIM office in Malden, MA. Also, clusters are looking for people who want to work on local events.

Fundraising - RIM is always looking for fund raising volunteers to participate in the appeals for donations that RIM undertakes each year.

English as a Second Language (ESOL) Tutors - We will provide training and materials for you to tutor students in ESOL in the RIM office or in local congregations.

Spiritual Care Givers - We offer a 28-hr training program for those who wish to visit immigrant detainees. We are collaborating with several organizations to offer this listening-based service.

Clusters - We welcome those who would like to serve a local cluster on its steering committee or in any of its sub-committees. We need people who will help steer the cluster as well as those who can only commit to helping here and there.

Please fill out the volunteer application below or contact Ruth Bersin if you are interested in any of these opportunities.

Be a RIM Volunteer - sign up via Volunteer Match.com!

Or fill out our Volunteer Application.

Join the Green Team

Did you know that cell phones contain toxic materials such as arsenic, lead and zinc? According to a new study by environmental research group Inform, people in the U.S. will soon be getting rid of about 130 million cell phones each year. "That's about 65,000 tons of cell phones and ultimately they are thrown away, " says Joanna Underwood, spokesperson for Inform.

Within the next 20 years the global warming trend is expected to generate rising ocean levels which can force human migration of literally millions of people now living in low-lying poverty-driven countries around the world. This would be in addition to the thousands of persons already in refugee camps fleeing from international military or political conflicts or from ecological disasters as witnessed in Darfur.

For 23 years RIM has been dedicated to the assistance of displaced persons through offering them community support.

These factors cause RIM to take seriously the importance of creating a sustainable environment. A new program has now been initiated for recycling cell phones and ink cartridges which we will ship for you. Your donation will help provide aid for the clients RIM serves as well as helping clean up the environment.

Phones donated through our Phoneraiser program, however, are given new life. Your used phone is desirable to people living in developing nations. Phoneraiser makes your unused cell phones available to those who can use them, while keeping them out of the landfill.

Every phone or ink cartridge you donate will mean money for RIM Clients!

Bring/Mail your used cell phone or ink cartridges to the RIM:

Refugee Immigration Ministry
6 Pleasant Street, Suite 227
Malden, MA 02148

6 Pleasant Street, Suite 227, Malden, MA 02148 - ruth.rim@verizon.net - 781-322-1011