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Donations help RIM clients rebuild
their lives:

$1,000 will support a family for one month

$500 will pay for food for 4 people for one month

$250 will pay for transportation for three months

$100 will pay for food for 1 person for one month

$50 will pay for transportation for one month

$25 will pay for school books for one child


Donate to Help Immigrants and Asylum Seekers

RIM's Board of Directors and Staff acknowledge the generosity and support of our donors who make possible the serving of some of the most vunerable people in our midst.

Refugee Immigration Ministry is a 501(c)3 Agency which serves immigrants who are seeking asylum. Each client must be legally and medically cleared prior to acceptance in RIM's programs. RIM does not allow clients to send money overseas nor does RIM support any other program. Ninety-three percent of funds raised are used directly for client care and program. Only 7 percent is used for administrative overhead and fundraising. This is far below the national accepted average.


RIM accepts all credit card and bank transfer:

By Check

Please mail to:

Refugee Immigration Ministry
6 Pleasant Street, Suite 227
Malden, MA 02148

or call: 781-322-1011

***Checks can be made out to Refugee Immigration Ministry***

RIM also gladly accepts charitable car donations, furniture and household goods.



6 Pleasant Street, Suite 227, Malden, MA 02148 - ruth.rim@verizon.net - 781-322-1011